Headwind documentary post production restarted

June 1, 2013

After almost a year pausing the project the director / producer of ‘Headwind, the forgotten exiles from Bhutan’ restarted post production as a side job to her current other projects. This means Headwind will be realized after all but without further investments and in a cut-down version. There is no release date announced but post production restarts on June 6 and will take approximately 3 months. The objective is to get the job done by September 1st but is by no means a solid deadline nor a release date. After post production the first rough version will become available for private screening after which the final cut will be edit. As soon there is more information available further annoucements will be made. Stay tuned!.

Alice Anna Verheij
director / producer ‘Headwind, the forgotten exiles from Bhutan’
White Stork Films (TM)
a WoordenStorm (TM) registered company

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