Where do we operate?

The Empowerment Foundation works globally. In the Netherlands and abroad in countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Ghana, Malawi, China, Surinam and Nepal.

In all these countries project have been setup and executed ranging from schools in southwest and eastern China to an all women drumband in Burundi and a reastaurant in Malawi. Amongst others.

And the Empowerment Foundation works in the hearts of our volunteers, the people we help and our sponsors and supporters.

What are our objectives?

Most of the projects focus on improving the ability of the local people to earn their own living with sustainable project. We help with project setup, management, initial funding, education and other support. Once the projects have proven to be effective and sustainable our work is done and the local community takes over responsibility for the project’s results. Projects are managed locally with support from the Empowerment Foundation’s volunteers.

For detailed descriptions check the project pages.